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So, my camera was stolen... - Somewhere Between the End of the Line, and the Middle of Nowhere

About So, my camera was stolen...

Previous Entry So, my camera was stolen... Jun. 22nd, 2010 @ 09:33 am Next Entry
Yup. Last night, someone broke into my (locked) car, left pretty much everything else alone, and stole essentially all of my camera gear. Which outright sucks, because I use that thing quite a bit. So, I figured, I'll throw up a list of what was taken in case someone spots it on craigslist or a pawn shop or ebay or something.

Canon Digital Rebel camera bag. Big, black, with a slight worn logo and well used shoulder strap. Has two pockets in front, a pocket on each side, a pocket on the back, and the main compartment is covered by a flap that both clips and zips closed.
Canon Rebel XSi
Canon 18-55mm EF-S kit lens
Canon 75-300mm EF non-IS lens in orange pouch.
Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro EF lens w/ leather protective pouch and lens hood.
Another Tamron EF lens I never really used, I can't remember the details on it except that it had a broken zoom ring.
All lenses have UV filters on them.
Speedlite 380EX flash w/ leather pouch
Rosewill SDHC reader
Remote trigger
8GB Class 6 Transcend SDHC card, blue
Canon Elan 7E 35mm film SLR
Manual for the Elan, as well as a beginner's guide to photography, and a printout advising photographers of their legal rights. Also, the manual for the XSi. Just the English manual, NOT the Spanish one.

There's other small stuff in there, like the USB and AV cables. Other things worth noting: The last file number produced by the digital camera was 7919, meaning the next would be 7920, 7921, etc... Also, I had edited the picture styles, and it was left on Style 1. The camera was left to the standard AF mode, spot focusing, had the center focus point selected, if put in Av mode, it was set to f/10. ISO was at 400, white balance set to custom. Time and date were set correctly, and the memory card was empty. The camera itself had dust on the sensor, visible under certain conditions in the lower left corner (I actually have photos of this). Also had scuff marks on the bottom from being mounted on a tripod. The pop-up flash casing was never perfectly flush on the left side, and the camera had the stock neck strap attached. As I think of more details, I'll post them here.

What may be important to note is that they didn't get the battery charger. I left it at work, like I always do. So... They can't charge the battery. Could be another important detail.

UPDATE: Well, the cops officially suck. I called and they never showed. No matter, this doesn't change the situation: I need new gear and ASAP. So, here's my 'on my knees begging' moment. I'm gonna go $2k+ in the hole to replace my gear. If you can, please throw a few bucks my way to help a fella out. Thanks so much!

UPDATE #2: Officer finally showed up, and he was actually super nice. Still have little hope of reacquiring my camera, and at this point, it doesn't matter. I need a camera ASAP, still, so I'm ordering new gear tomorrow regardless of what happens. If my stuff magically finds its way back to me, it'll just get sold to help fund the new stuff. Kind of a forced upgrade, I guess. Not happy to have to shoulder this debt, but whatev. Still accepting donations if you can and are willing, as every cent will help this poor college kid get back to being able to do his job! Thank you all so much!

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